GC Prancenpaws Steinway was born on December 22, 1999. I named him Steinway because he was my baby grand. We lived through my selling him as a pet when he was 3 months old and getting him back - I still shudder to think that it might not have been possible to undo my faux pas.  

His first show was in Oxnard at 4 months - actually he wasn't 4 months old until 6:00 PM the first day of the show. He finalled several times - Craig Rothermel said he was going to be a wonderful kitty. The second show was in Ontario where he finalled in 8 out of 8 with a best kitten. He was so tiny - like a little bulldog standing up there on the judging table. Show after show he did better and better.  He was highest scoring kitten in many shows - Columbus, Ohio; Seaside, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Ontario, California, etc. He finished his kitten career with enough points to perhaps win a regional award - and had we chosen shows more carefully, he undoubtedly could have had a national award. Seems I misjudged Steinway at least twice!!! At 8 months, he received 3 best cats as an open and then granded in one show.

A beautiful snow white coat, gorgeous royal blue eyes, and a personality that warms my heart day after day, Steinway sleeps with me - comes when he's called (unless he has other ideas) and has a best friend who's also my best friend - Cornflake. They are definitely stablemates!!!

Thank you, God, for this precious boy. Yes, he dried my eyes and made Daisy a wonderful and cherished memory. I see her sitting on Your lap and know You love her as I did. And I hope this special boy will be with me for many, many years to come - he thinks girls are divine and hopes someday soon to be allowed to be a daddy!


                           Please enjoy his pictures.





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